What is your favourite fabric for dressmaking?

I would like to call on all the dressmakers out there to let me know what your favourite type of fabric is to sew with? Especially for this lovely summer weather we are having here in the UK. Do you like the feel of a particular type, drape, easy to sew with, flattering to those curves etc, I would love to know about it.

You will know I am quiet new to this dress making lark and my last three skirts have all been made out of quilting cotton with varying degrees of success (yes, yes I know). Generally the patterns worked out really well, but I think my lack of satisfaction with the items was down to the ‘drape’ of the fabric. Also, the choice of fabrics locally can be a bit sparse, with the only fabric I like the pattern of being a quilting cotton, or a jersey (and we all know how daunting that is for a newbie!). So my source of fabric tends to be the internet, where you can find so many lovely patterns and prints, but can’t feel the fabrics to find out how they will sew up or hang.


I did recently purchase some lovely cotton lawn from Ebay (it is much more navy blue than the picture) which I am going to use to attempt my own version of Sorbetto. Hopefully with it being a lawn the finished item will hang a lot better than my previous attempts. So please, to anyone out there who has a favourite type of fabric, or a particular one for a particular garment, please do tell! I am also on the lookout for more fabulous sewing blogs to follow, so send me a link as well so I can keep up with what you are up to, and you can hopefully inspire me to make something as wonderful as you do.




My version of the ‘Picnic Blanket Skirt’

I know most internet seamstresses have come across Tilly’s fabulous blog, and her ‘Picnic Blanket Skirt‘ tutorial. Well, I wasn’t going to give this one a miss was I!



I originally thought I might make this up in the out to sea fabric, so went to the local fabric shop for some cheap cotton to make a mock up and check I liked the design. Well, those that know me well will know I cant walk away from the leopard print once I have seen it! So what if I made a mock up with fabric I adore, at least I will get some wear out of it (I think the shoes might be a bit much!).



This is the first time I have ever EVER sewn buttonholes and I am so proud of myself. I took the extra time to measure them, and did a couple of practice runs first. They came out so pretty and neat, and I love the little wooden buttons to match the brown.



After also reading Tilly’s post about sewing with cottons I decided to add a lining. Now this is not at all in the instructions for the pattern but it was so easy. I just used an old bit of black synthetic fabric which I had lying around, I have no idea what it is but it worked a treat. It added a nice amount of weight to the cotton without it getting too heavy, and I hate wearing a skirt without tights so it stops the cotton from sticking to them. All in all I am very happy with the way it turned out. It was a great little pattern, and was so simple to follow but very informative at the same time. I think I might have been a little bloated when I took my waist measurements as it is slightly too large now on the waist. I will either sew some belt loops on to the waist band or save this for my winter wardrobe when I will be carrying a few extra pounds!

DSCF5026So what is on my sewing table next? I am trying out the ‘tunic’ pattern from the sewing bee book as the pattern is included. I am aiming to conquer my fear of jersey knit armed with a walking foot and a super easy pattern which doesn’t include any binding on the neckline! Still sewing every stitch with my fingers crossed and my eyes closed.