New Blog and DIY Tank Dress

I love to craft, and I make so much stuff I really love to have a blog to show it off, and also to collect my pictures, and my thoughts and it acts as a bit of a timeline. The only problem is I am a terrible blogger and can never find the time to make a post. I wanted to create this blog just to be a place to show what I made, collect ideas, keep tutorials and show off pretty pretty things.

Before I backtrack a bit I am going to show off today’s make, a DIY tank dress, based on this lovely tutorial:, there is also a lovely collection of similar dresses on Pinterest which you can see here: But here is my first attempt at a version.

diy tank dress black and grey

It is made using a bit of grey sheeting cotton which I had left over from an old quilting project. I added some pockets, because I am a bit of a fan of a skirt with a pocket. I also thought it might be nice to add a bit of pattern interest to something that is otherwise quiet plain. I used my last scrap of Lucien folklore which I bought to make my living room cushions which you can see here:

I am thinking about adding a black lace trim to the hem, but that will have to wait till another trip to the haberdashery.