I spent a bit too much on fabric this week

So I bought a bit too much fabric this week! but look what I got:



This absolutely gorgeous Michael Miller pink anchor fabric, I adore this soooooooo much. I bought it to make the Tilly Picnic blanket skirt out of it, but I know, knowing how much this cost, and how precious I am about making things out of fabric which I love so much, that I am going to procrastinate on this A LOT! There is the possibility it may turn into a variation on a pencil skirt yet. But, I have a wedding to attend at the end of June, which is on a boat, so how perfectly themed is this! Then with the leftovers I really fancy a new make up bag out of it as well.

The other fabric I bought was because I saw a dress in topshop which was very similar to the one below, but with a fitted bottom half, and more of a scooped neck, that they didnt have in my size, and now no longer sell at all. I went to my local fabric shop last week just to have a nose around and I found the exact matching fabric, go me. So I obviously bought a couple of meters and now I can make the dress for myself woo hoo.




The only other thing I have to report is that I went to see my sister today, to discuss ideas for the skirt section of my wedding dress which she will be making for me, and we are basing it on the dress below. How gorgeous is that. It all looks like it is going to be relatively straight forward which is a bonus, so now I just get to hunt down even more fabric to make this with :).



Oh, and I made no progress on anything else at all! Typical! Here’s hoping next week might be more productive, and less expensive.