‘Out to Sea’ Skirt


I should start this post off by saying that I have always wanted to be able to make my own clothes, and have ‘dabbled’ in the past without using patterns and subsequently without having much luck. So earlier this year, as I am sure is the case with a lot of sewers, I got completely and utterly addicted to BBC2’s Sewing Bee. Watching this inspired me, and made me realise ‘you can do this, you just need to go about it properly’. So I started off with some mild adventures in the posts below. I had some success, but on the whole I am not 100% sure how often these will get worked into my wardrobe.

If you have read my posts below you will know I bought the most beautiful Michael Miller/Sarah Jane ‘Out to Sea’ fabric, which I really wanted to make into a skirt to wear to a good friends wedding which was yesterday and was held on the ‘HMS Trincomalee’, a fabulous old Frigate boat equipped with masts and cannons and everything. I was a beautiful wedding, and I couldn’t have been happier for the couple. I was also very pleased at how the project came out (you will have to forgive the terrible photo’s, I really am not the most photogenic person).


The pattern is actually the pencil skirt from the Sewing Bee book. I bought the book as I loved the show so much, and despite having to print the patterns yourself, where else can you get 28 patterns for such a cheap price! The pattern worked out really well, It was very straightforward, instructions were easy to follow and it came out pretty much as it did in the picture which is nice. I omitted the invisible zip, because I didn’t have a foot, and I added a lining using a very helpful tutorial which I found here: http://blog.tuppencehapenny.co.uk/2012/11/pencil-skirt-sew-along-adding-lining.html.

It did possibly feel a little on the large side around the hips (I do like a hugging pencil skirt) but as it was a non stretchy cotton, I think that the skirt did benefit from being slightly on the larger side to give me a bit of room to move. I would like to do a little review of the book but I think I need to try out a few of the patterns first, as this was my main reason for buying. I think I will try the simple tunic next, as this is the only one which comes with a pre-printed pattern in the book.