A quick backtrack

I just wanted to quickly show a couple of things which I haven’t popped on the internet yet. Firstly, I got a gorgeous cupcake tea pot for Christmas, and what does every teapot need? A cozy of course! So I bought some gorgeous fabric from Emma’s Fabric Studio who always provide such a brilliant service and made this little bad boy:

Tea Cozy 1 Tea Cozy 2

I love it! I am very proud of this little item and it was so easy. It is lined with insulated wadding as well so really helps to keep my tea super warm. The pattern was just something I googled and found the basic shape for. You measure the circumference of your teapot in inches, divide this by 2 and then add two inches. You then measure over the teapot, so starting on the table at the bottom middle, measure over the top of the lid and down to the table on the other side. Divide this by 2 and then add 3 inches. You then just need to draw a semi circle using these measurements and you have your pattern. I haven’t really explained this very well, but I got my measurements from this site so you can take a look for yourselves and I am sure it will all become clear: http://www.rustybobbin.com/inklings/sew-teacozy.html

The other thing I would like to show off is some bunting I made for my mum. It is nothing special, but was my first ever attempt at it and I am pleased with the results. I am not 100% sold on the colour scheme, but my mum was chuffed and really liked it. She had already designated it a home 2 seconds after she opened it 🙂

bunting mum

So next on my list? I have some lovely white and black scissors fabric which I really want to make a ‘prject’ bag out of to carry my projects around in. I have also ordered the most beautiful pink fabric which I want to use to make this skirt: http://www.tillyandthebuttons.com/2012/06/how-to-make-picnic-blanket-skirt-part-1.html, so I am very excited for this turning up. I also want to make a crown for my friends daughter.